ATTN: Riders Who Have Fallen Off Their Horse And Lost Their Confidence

Click the link below to see how my student Amy was able to go from a horse who wouldn't load in a trailer to winning medals in National competitions.

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  • Discover the Secret Behind Older Riders' Success: Dive deep into understanding why horses form stronger connections with mature riders. (The revelation is bound to astonish you!)
  • No More Falling Off: Master strategies to sidestep the trio of most common, yet entirely avoidable, mishaps that riders frequently encounter with their horses. (The simplicity of these strategies will amaze you!)
  • ​​Conquering Anxiety and Hesitation on the Trail: Equip yourself with straightforward methods to face daunting situations head-on and instantly bring peace and confidence to both you and your horse during uncertain moments.
Noah T.Y. is the founder of Steady Horse LLC and the Unbreakable Bond Coaching Program™ — a step-by-step approach that helps you to build the confidence to ride your horse easily and safely.

Noah has personally started over 500 horses, coached 3500 horse and human pairs, and has worked in over 50 different horse-related industries. He uses his experience to help you streamline your learning, so you make progress quickly.

Noah resides on his ranch in Texas, where he does 1-on-1 coaching, weekly broadcasts, films training videos, and hosts private, in-person and virtual clinics to help you gain clarity and certainty about what it means for you to be confident with your horse.

His number one priority when working with you, whether you are an Olympic-level student or brand new to the saddle, is to make sure you stay safe.
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