From: Noah Tillman-Young
Hi there,

I'm really excited about sharing the Steady Horse Video Club with you.

The Steady Horse Video Club is a MUST for anyone that owns a horse. 

The truth is that I see a lot of people make a lot of common mistakes that result in injury and loss of confidence. About 99% of the time all of these issues can be avoided through a few simple and easy to learn exercises.

The Steady Horse Video Club is jam-packed with over 150 videos. with so many different training exercises you're practically guaranteed to find a solution in it to just about any problem that you are having with your horse.

I really hope you enjoy it!

Noah TY
What's Inside the Steady Horse Club:
  •  Develop Confidence: Learn my top 3 secrets that will help your horse respect you and your leadership
  •  Maneuvering Secrets: I show you techniques that will quickly eliminate bad habits and create a focused horse
  • Connect With Your Horse: Learn how to earn your horse's respect in a meaningful way that lasts.
  •  Partnership! These exercises show you how to use ground work to turn your horse into a willing partner
  • Exercises on how I handle lazy, pushy, and aggressive horses that won't listen
  •   How to use pressure THE RIGHT WAY!
16 Complete Training Series and counting...
I've put the digital copies of all of my training DVD's right inside of the Steady Horse Club. Over 150 individual lessons, techniques, and tricks, to help you take your horsemanship to the next level are available right now.
Personalized Video Instruction for Club Members and New Videos Added Every Week!
I'm always adding new training videos to the Steady Horse Club.
Every week I add a new video the club where I answer YOUR questions from the Steady Horse Facebook Group!

Earn Badges As You Go!
Learning should be fun! We've created awesome badges and ranks for you to achieve in the Steady Horse Club.
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Watch Instantly On ANY Device!
You can immediately watch all of my training videos from the comfort of your own home. No need to wait for DVD's to ship!
Join The Steady Horse Club For Only $97 Per Year 
Access to 100's of training videos, personalized instruction, and an amazing community... all for less than the cost of a single horseback riding lesson.
Cancelling is super easy.
 All you have to to do is call my barn at 210-944-4685 or shoot me an email at

My wife or I will answer the phone and process your cancellation request immediately!