From: Noah Tillman-Young
Hi there,

I'm really excited about sharing my Essential Ground Maneuvers course with you.

This training series is a MUST for anyone that owns a horse. That's why I decided to make it so affordable.

The truth is that I see a lot of people make a lot of common mistakes that result in injury and loss of confidence. About 99% of the time all of these issues can be avoided through a few simple and easy to learn exercises.

This Training Course is jam-packed with over 120 minutes worth of videos. with so many different training exercises you're practically guaranteed to find a solution in it to just about any problem that you are having with your horse.

I really hope you enjoy it!

-Noah TY
What This Course Will Teach You:
  •  Develop Confidence: Learn my top  3 secrets that will help your horse respect you and your leadership
  •  Maneuvering Secrets: I show you techniques that will quickly eliminate bad habits and create a focused horse
  • Connect With Your Horse: Learn how to earn your horse's respect in a meaningful way that lasts.
  •  Partnership! These exercises show you how to use ground work to turn your horse into a willing partner
  • Exercises on how I handle lazy, pushy, and aggressive horses that won't listen
  •   How to use pressure THE RIGHT WAY!
Training Modules Located In Your Course:
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